Fixed Route




Fixed Route One-Way Fares


Adults/Youth 10 and over = $1.00 or 1 punch

Seniors (60+) = $0.00

Children under 10 with adult (up to 2 children) = $0.00

Each Additional Child = $0.50

Green River Park & Ride to WWCC = $1.00

WWCC to Green River = $2.00

Punchcards (6 punches) = $5.00

Fixed Route Only Monthly Pass = $35.00

Route Deviations = $2.00 or 2 punches

Transfers from one fixed route to another or from demand response to fixed route is free.  However, from fixed route to demand response is an additional $1.00 or punch.


How to ride the Fixed Route

  1. Obtain a Schedule and Choose your route
  2. Wait at a Designated Bus Stop so the bus can see you
  3. Board the Bus.  Wait for passengers to exit then make sure you're getting on the correct bus.  If you are unsure just ask the driver.  They will be happy to help you.
  4. Pay your fare.  Drivers do not carry change, so you must have the correct amount.  If you have a pass it must be shown to the driver each time you board.
  5. Enjoy the Ride.
  6. Getting Off the Bus.  Pull the signal cord or tell the driver about one block before the stop where you want to get off to give plenty of warning.  Make sure to take all your belongings.  Never walk in front of the bus; wait for it to leave the stop.  Transfer tickets will be given out by the drivers when asked.  They are good for that hour only when transferring from one bus to the next at the transfer stations.
  7. Bus will not stop at bus stops unless passengers are visible or have asked to disembark. 


 Find your bus using Routeshout 2.0


1. Download the free app from google play or the apple store

2. Enable “locate me” in your settings

3. Select your Agency.

4. Track your bus arrival and departure times by route, address, or location.


Please be mindful of safety and consideration.

  • Keep aisle free of all objects
  • Leave front seats for elderly, those with disabilities or small children.
  • Only bring what you can carry on the bus in one trip.  The driver will not wait for you to get off the bus again.
  • No Food or Drink.
  • No Smoking.
  • No Weapons or hazardous material.

Bus drivers do not carry cash and cannot make change. Please have exact fare when you get on.



For additional information on deviations please contact the office.